Saturday, June 6, 2009

Special Saturdays:

The reality of your life is driven by your concept of what is possible. Whatever you are certain of, is certain to be for you.
You cannot change the laws of reality, and there is no reason to do so. For reality can accommodate whatever possibility you dare to imagine.

Know that it can be done, and there is most definitely a way. Commit the whole of your true self, and it will be.

Dream big, wonderful, meaningful dreams and purge them of every trace of doubt. Your own unique dreams are yours precisely because you are the person who can fulfill and experience them.

Pay no attention to those who claim that the best days have passed and the best opportunities have all been taken. Life's abundance has no limit, and grows to whatever proportion you choose to imagine.

Give your time, thoughts, efforts and commitment to express that abundance in your own special way. Know without a doubt that it is possible, and it is.

-- Ralph Marston
" The Daily Motivator"

I dare you to dream.

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