Friday, May 29, 2009

A House is not a Home

My mother is moving... [sigh] I should be excited because
1. We get to go furniture shopping AND 2. She's decided to let me work my maic on the place.

The crappy part is.... She hasn't found a place. I love my mother to death, but she has the WORST taste in houses. More often than not she sacrifices style for practicality and that does not have to be the case. I hope to Keep you all updated with pictures and maybe just maybe I'll be able to convince her

Inspirationis free: As a child...

I really don't know what to add to this. via:Street Etiquette

"JKISSI : Yes , my little nephew 5 year old Jeremiah is next up in line. I never really noticed how conscious he was about his dressing until his mother told me he insists that his sleeves are rolled up and such. Jeremiah goes to a catholic school here in NYC, where with catholic schools come uniforms , and he feels he needs to distinguish himself from the rest. I just need to air out that I , Joshua Kissi, in no way had any influence on the poses or clothes Jeremiah chose to wear. People may not believe me at all , but it is the truth of the matter here. From the Corduroy blazer , pink oxford, rolled up chinos, red socks accompanied by boat shoes speaks which volumes to a adult , I had no play. What I admire is he is still in fact a kid, his nose gets runny, he loves to swoosh around with his favorite spider man toy making loud noises, while still expressing himself to the max when it comes to dressing. I thought to myself at Jeremiah’s age I was quite rebellious on the choice of clothes my Mom chose for me. I would always label her choices as “not cool” because it lacked bagginess or looked too preppy to wear. This just took my brain in a spin to the future of when I have kids of my very own, and how that would turn out. thought to myself I remember Scott Schuman ( The Sartorialist ) featuring kids on his blog, but mostly in European countries. He stated some interesting points about snapping pictures of his own children and children in general. He gives the inspiration and idea of his well known blog to his two daughters. “Children dress to express, not impress” that quote right there just spoke to me concerning my nephew. The idea of impressing people in fashion by dressing a certain way is what most adults strive to do. In contrast kids could care less about impressing, they are really about expressing their goofy and funny personalities in the way they dress."

How many of us supress our own creativity to please those around us? I have to say that I'm somewhat lucky because my Mom has recently chosen to suppourt my dream, but I know countless other cases of people choosing not to follow their heart because of fear of disappointing their parents or society. Follow your heart. If your really serious about your passion once you truly begin to work your dediction and commitment will win your parents over. And you'll thank me in the long run.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration is free: Art Imitates Fashion

Maybe I'm the only one but well put together outfits make me imagine that same style-design in a room. This one especially intrigues me because it has a country-funky twist. idk. maybe its just me but whatever the case rihanna can dress. or rather who stylist [Mariel Haenn] has a gift. Here's what Haenn has to say about her personal dedication to the craft:

"Haenn tells MTV, “I put everything into it. I know there are not a lot of other stylists that care as much as me, but it’s me and my name on it. And when I’m making the call and people know it’s me styling it, it has to be right every time.” ( quote taken from Concrete Loop).

All this does is make me want to get a stylist even more.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspiration is Free: Anna Wintour

My favorite teacher in 7th Grade was this lady named Ms.Sleezer. She had a reputation for being a hard, cut throat type. She demanded nothing but the best from her students. I was one of the few students to ever receive an A in her class. I don't think that people who are perfectionist are mean. I just think that they know what they want and refuse to compromise. Nothing wrong with that.

Design Schools

To become a certified interior designer you have to pass an exam called the 
NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification Exam). 
Cool enough right?
 I'm so stoked to go to FIDM in L.A. get all the experience...and
apparently there are only certain schools accredited by the CIDA and [sigh] FIDM isn't one of them. crush my beloved dreams. FIDM seemed like such a great school that encourages creative growth. keep looking...

SO I discovered Design Intelligence
Top Ten Interior Design Schools

1. Kansas State University
(umm yeah Kansas is in the middle of nowhere I'd like an internship)
2. Pratt Institute
(located in New York City... wait it cost HOW much to go there? yeah I'll Pass)
 University of Cincinnati
(I'm not to fond of Universities)
4. Cornell University
5. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
(More Large Schools, no thanks)
6. California College of the Arts
(Hmmm... I'll keep this on the short list)
and Finally My favorite on Paper So far:
New York School of Interior Design
1. It's in New York access to a plethora of Design firms and Internship Opportunities
2. It only teaches Interior Design
3. It's a small school not more than 1,000
4. They have a program for students interested in Interior Design that don't have an adequate portfolio
[sigh] I'm in Heaven

Monday, May 25, 2009

Inspiration is free

I'm going to post a daily inspiration.
 Here is the first. 
Raps most notorious workaholic.
Weezy F. Baby

"the difference between me and you is this is your job, to me this is my life"

A dream realized.

I never wanted to be that person wandering and not knowing what their calling, or purpose in life was. 

Just last month I sat alone staring at the ceiling. Seemed like all of my friends had their life in order running around focusing on their passions while I stood off to the side standing still and looking well... lost. What was I passionate about? What did I love doing so much that nothing else mattered? I scoffed. I'm in my JUNIOR year of College, I should not be having this conversation with myself now. Not now while I'm about to be thrown on my behind out into the vicious cold real world. I glanced down at my sheets and made a mental note to myself that I needed to get another comforter and start looking for new furniture. My mom would have a hissy fit, but she'd get over it. I was always buying things to organize and decorate my condo. Seemed like a never ending saga. 
And then I knew.
I wanted to be an Interior Designer.

Wait a minute. I can't draw. I have NO formal art training. What the flip am I doing. So I did what I always do when I have no clue what I'm doing. Research.

This is Just a Test...

Dope Alice in Wonderland sample...
nevermind the fact that alice in wonderland scared me as a child

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