Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration is free: Art Imitates Fashion

Maybe I'm the only one but well put together outfits make me imagine that same style-design in a room. This one especially intrigues me because it has a country-funky twist. idk. maybe its just me but whatever the case rihanna can dress. or rather who stylist [Mariel Haenn] has a gift. Here's what Haenn has to say about her personal dedication to the craft:

"Haenn tells MTV, “I put everything into it. I know there are not a lot of other stylists that care as much as me, but it’s me and my name on it. And when I’m making the call and people know it’s me styling it, it has to be right every time.” ( quote taken from Concrete Loop).

All this does is make me want to get a stylist even more.

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