Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Design Schools

To become a certified interior designer you have to pass an exam called the 
NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification Exam). 
Cool enough right?
 I'm so stoked to go to FIDM in L.A. get all the experience...and
apparently there are only certain schools accredited by the CIDA and [sigh] FIDM isn't one of them. crush my beloved dreams. FIDM seemed like such a great school that encourages creative growth. keep looking...

SO I discovered Design Intelligence
Top Ten Interior Design Schools

1. Kansas State University
(umm yeah Kansas is in the middle of nowhere I'd like an internship)
2. Pratt Institute
(located in New York City... wait it cost HOW much to go there? yeah I'll Pass)
 University of Cincinnati
(I'm not to fond of Universities)
4. Cornell University
5. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
(More Large Schools, no thanks)
6. California College of the Arts
(Hmmm... I'll keep this on the short list)
and Finally My favorite on Paper So far:
New York School of Interior Design
1. It's in New York access to a plethora of Design firms and Internship Opportunities
2. It only teaches Interior Design
3. It's a small school not more than 1,000
4. They have a program for students interested in Interior Design that don't have an adequate portfolio
[sigh] I'm in Heaven

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